Monday, June 20, 2011

About Make Cash or Money Online

       Make Cash Online or Make Money Online has become hottest topic over internet now these days, which made me inspired to publish a post on this topic. Yes, it is true that it can be made as main business in the long run while initially starting it as part time money generating activity. However, it is not as easy as it looks. As I have already mentioned in my earlier post that like any other business, online businesses also need time & efforts before one can start generating handsome amount from it. Only continuous efforts & leanings can make this business successful. A following simple formula will suggest you the important relation of time with success ;

(X) Time x (Y) Money = (Z) Goal to be achieved

         Here, a little consideration will show that if we set a goal (Z) and keep it fixed, the relation of (X) time & (Y) money would be inversely proportional with each other. This simply means that if we decrease anyone either (X) or (Y), the other will increase automatically. Further, it confirms the basic rule of any business, i.e. money & time both are required to achieve any business goal. However, I haven't raised the concern of money so far, because we have less expensive or almost free alternate resources available on the cloud / internet.

       Again patience is the key to success. As, it is a common phenomenon among new comers, they try & quit online money making activities at an early stage because they don't see huge funds flowing to their account in beginning and it is a fact of this business. Accepting wait & watch policy is better rather than quitting job at an early stage. However, to achieve goals, one should try different ideas every time and consider the impact of the same later on and this is a best strategy as all those who start & quit online jobs at early stages are not aware of results of all their activities because they are not professionally trained or have any field specific course.

        Again, an effective marketing policy should also be adopted. When it is not known that what to do & how to do, the best policy is look around you, i.e., see what others are doing to promote their businesses. For example, marketing policies may include submitting websites to search engines, sharing your posts on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc., writing articles on others website with your website links, submitting website to online directories, etc. Google Adwords may also be considered for promoting any business. Always try posting your link with appropriate contents to other top listed sites is a good way to generate traffic. 

        Finally, in the concluding part of this post, I would say that keeping faith in yourself is must. Leaving any opportunity by making perception of fake trap about it is a mistake. Writing good quality posts or providing good quality contents will make a business successful and marketing policy should be fair, because traffic may be directed to a website be leaving hyperlinks to other websites with inappropriate contents or catchy words. In such situation, people may leave & not read contents therefrom, i.e. bounce rate of that website will be high. So, keep faith, do honestly & show creativity are three guru mantra.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Myths about Making Money Online

     There are numerous myths about money making online. Some people may waste time & some people do not step forward in online businesses because of these myths. Few of them, to which I came across in the beginning,  have been discussed here-in-below ;

Myth # 1 ; Huge Capital amount is required to start a new online business.

During earlier stages, when most people do not get results, the first thought that comes in their mind is that people, who are generating huge money from their online businesses, must have spent huge money to get such results. However, it not true with all of such people. To get good results, the all we need is to understand things slowly and thoroughly. Then search for alternative options available online. For example, one can have a blog like my blog rather than having a proper website to reduce capital investments at starting and when results become good then he/she can switch to a proper website of their own. At the same it is also true that nothing is for absolutely free because something has to pay to get something. So, we can cut down our expenses in beginning to keep capital investments low but we can not make them zero.

Myth # 2 ; Only experts can do this business or special field-specific courses are required for this business.

Yes, it is true that people with field-specific courses have a little edge over people with no such course. But it is not true that only experts or people with special field-specific courses can do this business. Online helps are available for people with little or no knowledge of this field. At the same time, it is better to know now that this field is very vast and we as an individual cannot do all the things simultaneously. All we need to do is to go through all such opportunities listed online once, put them together on paper, consider all & then choose one or two such opportunities we are good at. After considering all such opportunities, we may generate own ideas or we may do same things as people are doing already differently by adding new ideas or eliminating some ideas rather than copying them as they are. Because it is not written any where that we cannot try our luck at new things & also we never know which idea will be successful in future. A proper search can resolve your problems instantly as all helps are available online. Infact, helps for making proper & accurate searches are also available online.

Myth # 3 ; Success comes over a night or people start making money in 5 or 6 digits in the beginning.

Again it is wrong that people start making money in 4 or 5 digits in the beginning or they start earning money as & when they start online business. Like any other business, online business also needs time & efforts to be successful & start generating a handsome amount. Only your continuous efforts & learnings can make your business successful. So, stop having daydreams & keep your eyes, ears & nose open every time. Keep trying different ideas every time and consider their effects on your earnings later on. 

Myth # 4 ; Setting up a website with unique excellent concept / idea will bring more visitors & hence success.

First of all, it is a big misconception that the more the number of visitors the more is the income. A website receiving huge visitors might not be a successful website. A successful website is one which receives good number of quality or intended visitors. By intended or quality visitors for a website means visitors who like to stay on a particular website & read contents there rather than those visitors who are brought to a website by placing hyperlinks with irrelevant catchy words at others sites. For example, I want contents about online money making myths & if I am taken to a website which is serving contents on how to make money online, which at that particular moment of time I have nothing to do with. So, I would leave that particular site immediately without reading contents & will continue my search in direction I was earlier intending with. Secondly, it is not true that setting up a website with unique excellent concept will bring visitors for you. To generate visitors for your site you may try following strategies ;

  1. Submitting a website to search engines.
  2. Sharing your posts on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc.
  3. Writing articles on others website with your website links.
  4. Submitting website to online directories.
Submitting your website to online directories may not bring visitors for you actually, but it may help you in listing your website at top in various search engines.

Myth # 5 ; All those sites claiming of giving money are just fake traps for people & they are only being made fool by such sites.

It is a human tendency to get results fast or instantly, which does not happen with almost all people, when they start an online business. If it does not happen, they consider that they have come across another fake trap. But many sites are present online, which genuinely provide money when people make efforts. At the same time, it is also true that fake sites are present online. These sites claim but do not provide money to their members. To avoid wasting time & money by working on fake sites, we can make search online about a particular site claiming of giving handsome amount of money or else we can keep patience till time we know that a particular website we are working on, is fake trap or genuine platform to make money. If we come across such fake websites, we may leave comments with the name of any particular website underneath of posts like this one you are reading right now, so that others would not fall into that trap.

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Most common ways to generate income online are Online Paid Surveys

     When people search for money making ideas online, most of them first of all, come across online paid surveys. Perhaps that is why "online paid surveys" have become most common ways of income online. These surveys may be regarding to consumer products or services.

       All consumer products or services supplying companies around the globe have always been concerned to make their products or services better in all aspects whether it is design, technology or usefulness of the product or service to sustain themselves in the industry. All these companies rely on opinions ( in the form of feed-back or ideas ) of people who are using or had been used similar products. For this, there are Market Research Companies which conduct Surveys online available globally and these companies are highly skilled & professional in getting opinion from right people.

       Different manufacturers or service providers approach these Market Research Companies with a view in mind like if a manufacturer wants to improve its design or a service provider wants to improve a particular service, they will discuss the same with them. The Market Research Company then prepares a questionnaire by keeping the requirements of its customers in mind and contact its users through email and invite them to complete surveys matching to their profile. For example, IT professionals will be invited to take part in  surveys on computers & computer products or households will be invited to take part in surveys on home  products or college goings & teens will be invited to take part in surveys on products related to youth like shoes, motor bikes etc. Each Survey contains a simple set of questions with 4 or 5 choices in answers. People are supposed to select one or multiple answers as may be the case is. For each complete survey, Market Research Companies charge a certain amount of sum from its customers & give a part of it to its users.

       For those who are new and want to make money online can start by joining only one or two such companies in beginning. Once such company is listed herein below ;